CONNECT project

In the race for exam results it can be easy to forget the other goals of a good science education - scientific literacy and preparation for a STEM career. You can add weight to these goals with CONNECT. It’s an EC-funded project which offers a new kind of activity - a Science Action. It’s a set of activities to integrate a real-life challenge into an existing topic. It ticks lots of boxes:

  • Applies a science concept
  • Teaches an enquiry skill
  • Provides an authentic end of topic assessment
  • Shows students how science affects their world
  • Gets students interacting with a scientist or engineer (supplied by the project)
  • Encourages students to talk about science with their family
  • Grid List
Description Rewilding aims to reintroduce lost animal species back to ecosystems. It’s happening around the world – bison in Romania,...
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Poo transplants
Description A poo transplant takes faeces from one person and puts it into another. Why? Scientists have learned that this can...
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