Apply Practice Books

Apply Practice Books

Many students miss the 60% of marks for applying and analysing knowledge at GCSE. They struggle to figure out which concepts to use in unfamiliar situations. Past papers don't teach these strategies but Mastery Practice Books do:

  • A proven 3-step approach: Detect, Recall and Solve
  • Worked examples to recognise situations, choose knowledge and construct explanations
  • Masses of guided practice to become confident with exam questions

The series covers all the key concepts set out in the 5-year plan, Blueprint  (supported by AQA).

Year-by-year Practice Books

Title/contents  Publishing date
Book 1: year 7 
October 2017
Book 2: year 8 November 2019
Book 3: year 9 November 2018
Book 4: year 10/11 January 2020


GCSE Practice Books

These books cover a set of concepts common to all GCSE and ICGSE courses.

Title/contents  Publishing date
Combined Science GCSE 
January 2020
Combined Physics GCSE
January 2020
Combined Chemistry GCSE
January 2020
Combined Biology GCSE
January 2020


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Year 7 Apply Practice Book
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Year 9 GCSE Apply Practice Book
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Short description   "My students are actually now attempting difficult questions when before they were left blank." Dr Karin Bratby,...
Free Year 7 Apply Practice Book
£9.99 £7.99
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