Teaching Packs

In 2018 we are releasing teaching materials for Year 7 concepts. They are designed around the learning stages in our 5-year curriculum framework, Blueprint. Learn more about Blueprint.

    • Acquire Explorations for helping students make sense of concepts
    • Analyse Challenges for using concepts with higher order thinking
    • Apply Practice questions for using concepts in unfamiliar situations

Our teaching packs are designed to integrate with our assessment packs, to create big ideas, mastery-based teaching units.

    Complete Mastery 1
    £905.00 £499.00
    Short description Buy all the year 7 teaching and assessment packs together in Complete Mastery and save nearly 50%. Early-bird price...
    Complete Mastery Starter Pack
    Short description A package of teaching and assessment materials to teach one year 7 concept to mastery. Choose from biology:'feeding...
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    Acquire Explorations 1
    Short description Exploration lessons help students make sense of the concept and teach scientific reasoning skills. They are set in...
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    Apply Practice Book 1
    Short description "They are fantastic. My staff and I are blown away at the quality of these books." Raheela Saleem,...
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    Apply Practice Book 1: Digital
    £399.00 £299.00
    Short description This is a site license to use a pdf version of Practice Book 1 in your school. If...
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    Apply Practice Book 1: Digital add-on
    Short description This is an add-on site license to use a pdf version of  Practice Book 1 in your school. To be...
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    Analyse Challenges 1
    Short description Challenges get students to go further with the concept and use higher order thinking to interpret new information....
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    Apply Practice Book GCSE
    £11.99 £9.99
    Short description Published in September 2018. Pre-order price until 31st August. Many students miss out on the 60% of marks in new GCSE...
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