Affiliate programme

Register for our affiliate programme and get rewards when you recommend products to colleagues who buy from our shop. As an affiliate you get 10% of the sale price for paid orders made by any colleagues from another organisation (referrals within your organisation are excluded).

1. Create an affiliate account

Complete the form below to register. If you cannot see the embedded form, go to the registration page.

2. Get your affiliate code

After you register, you will be automatically invited to login. Login to your affiliate panel

On your information panel, find the code, which will look like the one below. It is simply the URL of the Mastery Science shop with your affiliate number at the end e.g. the affiliate number in the example is 4. 

Example affiliate code: 

Copy the code. It is the link that you send to colleagues which they must use to visit and make a purchase from the shop in order for you to get the reward. 

3. Give your payment details

You will be paid via PayPal. Go to the profile tab. Next to 'payment by', click on 'more info'. 

On the next screen, enter your PayPal Email. If you don't have a PayPal account, set up a new PayPal account.

4. Start recommending to colleagues

When you recommend one of our product to a colleague, send a URL with your affiliate code in the message. 

To direct people to the shop homepage, add your affiliate code to the end of the website URL. For example, if your affiliate number is 4, send this URL:

To direct people to a product page, add your affiliate code in the same way. For example, to link to the Kickstart your 5-year plan page (with affiliate number 4), send this URL:

Make sure you change the URL to the affiliate number you registered.

When a customer buys a product, a reward of 10% of the price will be credited to your account. In the event of a refund, the reward will not be credited.

5. See your rewards

You can see the rewards you have earned when you logon to your affiliate panel. 

Every month that your total rewards are more than £20, you will be paid by PayPal and we will notify you of the payment (if the reward is below £20 it will be carried over to the next month).

Contact us if you have any questions about the affiliate programme