2019 Achieve Mastery in your Curriculum Workshop

2019 Achieve Mastery in your Curriculum Workshop


This advanced workshop is designed for schools who are familiar with the ideas and are focussed on making mastery work in practice. It builds around topics you're teaching at the time, to giving you the expertise to achieve the best results. Achieve Mastery builds on the highly successful Kickstart Workshops. Price shown is an early-bird offer available until 31st March 2019.

Mastery is a system to improve the performance of all students. Backed up by decades of research, it can help low and middle-achieving students acquire and apply concepts, and high achievers extend their understanding further.

However, as with all innovations, implementation is everything. Achieve Mastery will help you overcome the challenges to success: evidence-informed teaching models, resources that are fully aligned with objectives, and assessment that drives adaptive teaching. Achieve Mastery offers:

✔ a 1-day highly practical, research-informed workshop
 an approach to outstanding differentiation and measuring progress  
 professional development through feedback, insight and experimentation

1. Achieve mastery through the 5A's learning cycle

The 5A's is a learning pathway with the stages for reliably developing students' understanding of a concept to mastery: Activate, Acquire, Apply, Assess, Analyse. 

  • Features of each stage
  • Pedagogical techniques for each stage
  • How to use Complete Mastery resources (trial topic provided)

2. Outstanding differentiation with the mastery cycle

Mastery learning offers an evidence-informed approach to differentiation rather than based on 'student ability'. It uses daily pre- and diagnostic assessment to tailor the content, pace, and target instruction to students' needs:

  • Content: tune structure (support) and questions (challenge) of Acquire
  • Pace: slow (support) and fast (challenge) paths post-Acquire
  • Target instruction: divide into rethink (support) and Analyse (challenge)

 3. Track progress in understanding and skills

  • Use summative quizzes for cognitive processes (GCSE AOs)
  • Use performance assessment for enquiry skills
  • Convert scores to estimated GCSE grades


I attended your workshop and thought it was brilliant. Excellent resources to help ensure mastery of science. We have a lot of work to do!


An extremely thought-provoking course, for rethinking priorities in teaching science and the possibility of creating more 'space' in the curriculum.


An inspiring day with so many ideas. I definitely plan to make a start and make changes.


I really enjoyed this philosophy on education; really made me think. I will be changing the way I do things.


Great concept ideas: I will be suggesting these to my HoD and using Big Ideas. Thanks for a very good learning experience.

A really helpful course and lots of great ideas to start implementing.

Very useful and relevant. Likely to make an immediate impact on planning for lessons.

Fabulous day – I’ve got a lot from it. Lots of good ideas and discussions.

Great to have topic/syllabus drawn up as I’ve been battling this in my own rewrite from scratch.


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