Build a 5-year plan ebook

Build a 5-year plan ebook

Publishing date 20th December.

With new GCSE, teaching the content in the specification only prepares students for 40% of the marks. For the rest, they have to apply and analyse, and experience show many students never learn this. We have developed a free 5-year, big ideas plan - Blueprint - that creates a progression of understanding and provides stronger support for low and middle  achievers, and challenge for higher achievers. This ebook is designed to help you understand the principles of Blueprint. It focusses on the key changes to your curriculum objectives, teaching sequences and assessment methods, and sets out clear steps to put the plan into action. 

The ebook complements the Kickstart workshop and online course.

✔ How to reshape your curriculum into a 5-year plan using Blueprint

✔ Prepare students to apply (AO2) and analyse (AO3) knowledge

✔ Build greater understanding, skills and scientific reasoning

✔ How to reshape units as a path towards mastery for all students

✔ Practical strategies to implement the learning stages

✔ Complements our Kickstart your 5-year curriculum CPD

✔ Describes the research-based principles


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  • Pdf download
  • 100 pages plus copiable sheets for staff training