Car wars

Car wars


Imagine it is 2020 and students are about to get their first car. Increased carbon dioxide emissions have led to huge financial incentives to buy alternatives to petrol engines - but which car is best? In this activity students examine evidence and come to a decision on who wins the Car Wars. 

Learning objectives
  • Apply knowledge about atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Evaluate solutions to the problem of increasing carbon dioxide emissions from cars and justify opinions

    Blueprint curriculum link

    • Unit: Atmosphere
    • Concept: Air pollutants: Processes such as burning fuels, and natural events like volcanic eruptions, add new substances to the atmosphere. They cause pollution in the local area and spread outwards and upwards into the atmosphere
    • Skills: Decisions: Consider ethical implications and social, environmental and financial consequences
    • Learning stage: Analyse

    Activity contents

    • Teachers guide
    • PowerPoint file

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