Complete Mastery year 8 full pack/topics

Complete Mastery year 8 full pack/topics

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curriculum into practice and improve student outcomes in the difficult parts of GCSE: AO2 (apply) and AO3 (analyse). We have designed from scratch, the highest quality teaching and assessment materials to go beyond 'content coverage', and develop a deep understanding of key concepts - and students' ability to apply them.

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The Year 8 programme covers 24 Key Concepts and enquiry skills from the early part of secondary science. Give your students the best possible start and set them up for success in the new, more demanding GCSEs. 

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Take a look at the free Year 7 Cell Structure topic to help you evaluate the programme. It contains all the teaching and assessment materials. Contact us if you would like to speak to a school using Complete Mastery. 

Complete Mastery provides the highest quality materials based on a 5 stage strategy for achieving mastery - the 5As.

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If you need support in implementing Complete Mastery, we can provide CPD sessions in your school for your whole department:

You can purchase the Year 8 Digital Practice Book separately to help students develop skills in applying knowledge. It is currently only available in digital form.



Activate Pre-assessments to check prior concept understanding
Acquire Explorations to build concepts by explaining phenomena
Apply (Practice Book, sold separately) Extensive problem-solving
Assess Diagnostic quizzes to identify weak understanding
Analyse Challenges to use higher-order thinking 

Plus there's a summative assessment:
Test Exam-style quiz to measure progress in acquire (AO1), apply (AO2) and analyse (AO3)


      The materials covering the 6 learning stages for each of the 21 key concepts in Year 8 of the 5-year plan. Here is a list of what's included for each stage. To see examples, see sample material.


      • 21 Pre-assessment tasks: short activities to check understanding of an essential prior concept, diagnose and reveal miscconceptions
      • Teachers guides, with answers and ideas for follow-up


      • 40 acquire lessons: engaging phenomena, exploratory activities and crystal clear, in-depth explanations to help students gain full understanding
      • Single or multiple lessons depending on the complexity of the concept
      • PowerPoint presentation backbone with high-quality visuals
      • Student activity sheets
      • Teachers guides with slide-by-slide running the lesson notes
      • Technicians guide, with practical details

      Apply (Year 8 Practice Book)

      • 40 sets of problems set in new contexts for application of knowledge
      • Detailed worked examples using Detect, Recall, Solve strategy
      • Your turn practice questions, hints and answers
      • In book form - a set of 10 books is included
      • Or in digital form - as an add-on


      • 21 diagnostic quizzes to test understanding and application
      • Self-assessment feedback sheets
      • Teachers guide with question specification
      • Reassess quiz - for students to have a second chance, after opportunity to do rethinking on areas where they struggled


      • 21 challenging tasks to develop higher order thinking, where students have to interpret new information with conceptual understanding
      • Teachers guides, with template and hints, and model answers


      • 21 summative quizzes which can be combined to make end-of-unit or end-of-term tests
      • Divided into understanding (AO1), application (AO2) and analysis (AO3)
      • Teachers guide with mark scheme


      • Unit guides with a summary of all the components and advance planning information

      Complete Mastery is delivered electronically. Most files are pdf format. Acquire presentations are in editable PowerPoint format.

      Complete Mastery is carefully designed from first principles. The units are published in batches:

      Batch A & B: already published

      Units: Light, Pure substances, Tissues & organs, Gravity, Reactants & products unit, Life diversity

      Batch 3: published end of December 2019

      Units: Movement, Respiration

      Batch 4: published end of January 2020

      Unit: Electrical energy, Earth systems

      Movement unit

      Topics (Key concepts):

      • Speed
      • Motion graphs

      Electrical energy unit

      Topics (Key concepts):

      • Electric charge
      • Potential difference

      Light unit

      Topics (Key concepts):

      • Reflection
      • Refraction

      Gravity unit

      Topics (Key concepts):

      • Weight
      • Gravitational force
      • Solar system

      Pure substances unit

      Topics (Key concepts):

      • Elements or compounds
      • Simple or giant

      Reactants & products unit 

      Topics (Key concepts):

      • Oxidation
      • Acid reactions

        Tissues & organs unit

        Topics (Key concepts):

        • Gas exchange
        • Cell organisation
        • Digestive system

        Respiration unit

        Topics (Key concepts):

        • Aerobic respiration
        • Anaerobic respiration

            Species unit 

            Topics (Key concepts):

            • Variation
            • Selective breeding
            • Adaptation

              To cover the Apply learning stage, we recommend using the Practice Book. 

              When will I get the materials? Once payment is received, we create a customised material pack online, which is personalised to your school, with a license name. school. This takes 2-3 days. Then we send an email to the teacher nominated in the order, with details of how to access the pack.

              How are the materials delivered? The materials are in electronic format and published via a Dropbox folder. There are folders for each concept and subfolders for each learning stage. You can see what is included by clicking on 'sample material'. Most of the materials are designed in pdf format. The Acquire presentations are in PowerPoint format as they contain some animation. The materials are personalised to each school, with a license name. 

              Are the contents of individual topics different to the full pack? No, the content is the same. Each topic provides the resources to teach/assess one of the 21 key concepts in Year 8 through all the stages: Activate, Acquire, Assess Analyse, and Test. The resources for the Apply stage are in the Year 8 Practice Book. 

              Which works out cheaper: all topics or individual topics? The price for each topic is £24.99 and so 21 topics works out as £524.79, compared to £499 for all topics.

              Using a Purchase Order? Add a customer note with the PO number during checkout. Your confirmation email will include a link to the invoice to pay.

              Need our details? You can download the company details. This includes contact information and bank details. Contact us for further information.

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