Assess Diagnostic Tests 1 (upgrade)

Assess Diagnostic Tests 1 (upgrade)


"Really delighted with the content - exactly what I had pictured!"  Marianne Good, Gostforth Central Middle School

Published in early June. Upgrade offer ends 31st August.

This is the upgrade version - only for schools who already bought the Starter Pack. It covers all 25 key concepts in a typical year 7 course (11-12 year olds). 

Download  sample material (2.5 MB, from earlier version of the pack)

Concept & Reassess quizzes There are two quizzes per concept - so you test once, give students extra learning opportunities, and then re-assess to see if they got it -  mastery learning in action. Each quiz is short, targeting one concept with 6 questions: 4 Know and 2 Apply.  The questions are deliberately designed to reveal misconceptions and partial understanding so you can see which students need more learning. 

Student self-assessment The quizzes come with clear feedback - full explanations of why the correct answers are right and why the others are wrong

✔ 25 concept quizzes

✔ 25 re-assess quizzes

✔ Know and Apply questions

✔ Student self-assessment

✔ Reveals misconceptions

✔ Download in Pdf and Word format

Cell: Cell structure, Specialised cells

Interdependence: Feeding relationships, Competition, Abiotic & biotic factors

Reproduction: Sexual & asexual, Menstrual cycle, Embryo development

Substances & particles: Particle model, Substances & mixtures, Solutions

Changing substances: Chemical & physical ,pH scale, Neutralisation

Contact forces: Balanced & unbalanced, Friction, Density

Gravity: Weight, Gravitational force, Solar system

Energy transfers: Energy model, Wasted energy, Heat & temperature

Electric circuits: Electric current, Resistance

We developed Mastery Science based on the research in mastery learning which indicates the need for accurate diagnostic information. See these links for more information:

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The Government’s Educational Endowment Fund (EEF) concluded that Mastery is one of the few strategies where there is evidence that it can close the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and others. Mastery on average can produce an extra 5 months of learning gains every year. Mastery revolves around giving students accurate learning feedback  - the top strategy on the list.

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