Free Year 7 Apply Practice Book

Free Year 7 Apply Practice Book

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"My students are actually now attempting difficult questions when before they were left blank." Dr Karin Bratby, Hall Park Academy.

"We have been so impressed that we have just ordered a GCSE practice book, rather premature in view of the ages of my three children but I have been enjoying working with my son so much it is as much for myself as it is for their future studies! " Claire Sandy, parent

New GCSE is more challenging and demands students to 'apply' knowledge.  The Year 7 Practice Book gives students a flying start to secondary science:

A powerful strategy for Apply questions. The book teaches students, particular middle and low achievers, a powerful and repeatable exam technique: how to approach apply questions set in unfamiliar situations, by analysing the question, recognising the critical knowledge, and putting together a logical answer.

Masses of challenging practice to deepen understanding. The wealth of 'your turn' questions helps students go beyond recalling of knowledge, and practise using it in a variety of applications.

Builds confidence to tackle exam questions. Many students give up when faced with a difficult exam question. The book shows students they can do it. It breaks down the process, gives lots of scaffolding and gradually builds their skills towards independence.

    How can you use it?

    ✔ Class tasks and plenaries
    ✔ Homework
    ✔ Small group intervention on weak concepts
    ✔ Revision

      What's in the book?

      ✔ Covers 25 key concepts in Year 7 (age 11-12)
      ✔ 40 clear, easy to follow and interesting worked examples
      ✔ 100's of carefully crafted your turn questions
      ✔ Hints and answers

      Download sample material

      + another free Christmas gift: a copy of the Cells chapter from the new WOW SCIENCE year 7 textbook to arrive in early January. Max 1 per customer.

      Enter your discount code at checkout and the price will change to £0.00. You only pay postage (£2.99 in UK)

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      Book 1 is part of a series which is designed to give extensive practice in problem- solving for all the key concepts in secondary science. The names and sequence of concepts are based on the 5-year plan, Blueprint  

      Each focusses on Key Concepts in different years of the secondary science curriculum towards GCSE.  

      See when each Practice Book will be published

      Book 1 focusses on 25 concepts generally taught in year 7 or at the beginning of a secondary science course. 

      Chapter 1: Contact forces

      • Balanced or unbalanced
      • Friction
      • Density

      Chapter 2: Electric circuits

      • Electric current
      • Resistance

      Chapter 3: Energy transfer

      • Energy
      • Wasted energy
      • Heat & temperature

      Chapter 4: Gravity

      • Weight
      • Gravitational force
      • Solar system

      Chapter 5: Changing substances

      • Chemical & physical
      • pH scale
      • Neutralisation

      Chapter 6: Substances & particles

      • Particle model
      • Mixtures
      • Solutions

      Chapter 7: Cells

      • Stem cells
      • Cell transport
      • Cell division

      Chapter 8: Interdependence

        • Feeding relationships
        • Competition
        • Abiotic & biotic factors

        Chapter 9: Reproduction

        • Sexual & asexual
        • Menstrual cycle
        • Embryo development

        Chapter 10: Watch out 

        • Misconceptions questions on each chapter 

          Many students miss out on the 60% of marks for applying and analysing in new GCSE. They find it difficult to figure out unfamiliar situations. Past papers give practice but don't help students learn the deep structure of problems, nor how to solve problems systematically. The Mastery Practice Book series teaches all students to apply knowledge. Firmly grounded in cognitive science, it uses a  3-step approach to problem-solving explained through worked examples. with carefully guided practice to make students confident with whatever examiners ask.

          The first page of each problem is a clear and visually explained worked example. It shows students a 3-step process for successfully solving unfamiliar questions:

          • Detect: work out what you need to do to answer the question
          • Recall: bring to mind all the relevant knowledge
          • Solve: go step-by-step from what you know to the solution

          The second page is a set of 'your turn' questions to try. The first is similar to the example to check that students can follow the thinking. Further questions are carefully crafted as stepping stones to build their competence and confidence. There are hints to get students unstuck, and answers at the back.

          At the end of a chapter, students are ready for the 'mixed up problem' challenge. Like in an examination, several types of problems are mixed together, but now students have learned the skills of recognising which knowledge to use in each situation. 

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            Who is the book aimed at? It was written to help year 7 students learn to transfer the scientific knowledge to unfamiliar situation. It can also be used by students in other years to improve their understanding of the fundamental concepts. Learning to apply is what will give students access to the 60% of marks at GCSE that demand more than recalling content. The book uses a research-based approach to teach students how to solve different types of problems. 

            What content does the book cover? The Practice Book has a chapter on each unit in the year 7 curriculum, based on a 5-year curriculum and AQA's KS3 Science Syllabus. Download the sample material to see exactly what concepts and types of problems are included.

            Is it re-usable or write-on? Both! It's designed to be re-usable for classrooms. There are also write-on sections for students to use the book individually at home.

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