Kickstart your 5-year plan: Online course

Kickstart your 5-year plan: Online course


Starting June 11th, an online version of our Kickstart workshop. Follow our 3 steps to GCSE-proof your curriculum with Blueprint, a 5-year big ideas plan to maximise all students’ achievement and motivation. We will show you how to lick Year 7 into shape for September 2018. From the team behind the AQA KS3 Science Syllabus. The course runs until 15 July. 

Are you looking for a big ideas, mastery learning curriculum? Or a coherent 5-year plan? Would you like to trial all the materials before making a commitment?

Arguably the most important change you can make is to reshape your curriculum around key concepts and scientific thinking skills  - the essential content that opens up higher grades at GCSE. Doing this gains you time to teach concepts in depth so that more students can succeed, and helps students remember the facts better by connecting them to bigger ideas.

How do you build a 5-year plan? And what changes to teaching and assessment are needed?

Kickstart your 5-year plan is an online course designed to help you implement your own big ideas curriculum, based on the framework and principles we have developed (called Blueprint). It's a combination of online videos, activities and discussion. The online course also includes teaching and assessment materials for you to pilot one Year 7 concept. It's even better if you combine it with our face-to face-Workshop.

The course is facilitated by Tony Sherborne and the Mastery Science team, who designed the KS3 Science Syllabus for AQA.

✔ 4-week online course with video and webinars
✔ Kickstart Tools for switching to a big ideas curriculum for year 7
✔ Complete Mastery teaching materials for one year 7 concept

Try out the teaching of 1 Year 7 concept using the Blueprint approach. Teaching materials for 3 concept will be available to pilot from June 2018:

  • Chemical & physical (Chemical change unit)
  • Weight (Gravity unit)
  • Feeding relationships (Interdependence unit)

You will receive teaching and assessment materials from Mastery Science to help you deliver one Year 7 concept:

  • Scheme of learning and teachers guide
  • Pre-assessment and review
  • Acquire, Apply and Analyse activities
  • Diagnostic quiz
  • Summative assessment
  • Online videos to explain the innovations
  • Webinar to follow-up implementation
  • How to restructure your curriculum to maximise understanding and minimise repetition
  • How to reshape units as a learning path towards mastering concepts & skills
  • How to adjust your teaching practice for each learning stage
  • How to embed formative and summative assessment
  • 2 webinars
  • Discussion forums
  • Online videos

Payment can be made anytime until 28 days before the event You can pay by credit card, or by invoice/cheque. Bookings can also be cancelled without charge until 28 days before the event. After this time, there will be an administration charge of £50.