Complete Mastery

Complete Mastery


Complete Mastery is a set of 6 teaching & assessment packs designed from first principles to match our 5-year mastery curriculum. The teaching and assessment materials follow our 5A's learning pathway and cover all 25 key concepts taught in year 7. 

Want to trial one topic? Contact us to get an evaluation version with all the materials for the key concept: cell structure. 

Download samples

Download Cells unit guide and acquire sample

Download Substances & particles unit guide and acquire sample

Complete Mastery is designed to cover each learning stage in Blueprint, our 5-year plan:

Activate Pre-assessments Check for existing understanding before teaching
Acquire Explorations Build key concepts by explaining phenomena
Apply Practice Book (optional) Learn to apply knowledge and get higher grades
Assess Diagnostic Quizzes Pinpoint weak understanding so you can improve it
Analyse Challenges Learn higher-order thinking skills and excel in science exams
Test Summative Quizzes Measure progress in acquire (AO1), apply (AO2) and analyse (AO3)

    Complete Mastery is a solution for our 5-year plan, Blueprint. The Packs are published in two parts: Part A is published and Part B will follow in December. See below for details.

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    To cover the Apply learning stage, we recommend using our Apply Practice Books. You can add these on to Complete Mastery for a reduced price. Choose either:

    • 20 books (physical version)
    • Digital version

      Part A is published and includes 4 units typically taught in the first half of year 7: 

      • Cells
      • Contact forces
      • Substances & particles
      • Reproduction

        Part B will be published in December and includes the remaining 5 units in year 7:

        • Electric circuits
        • Interdependence
        • Changing substances
        • Gravity
        • Energy transfers

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          Need our company details? You can download the company details. This includes contact information and bank details. Contact us for further information.

          What content is covered? Complete Mastery covers the 9 units and 25 Key Concepts in Blueprint year 7. 

          Is there a discount if I have bought other products? Yes, there is an additional discount if you have already bought:

          • Mastery Assessment Starter Pack
          • Kickstart your 5-year plan Workshop
          • 20+ Apply Practice Books

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