Assess Starter Pack

Assess Starter Pack


Would you like implement mastery learning but have found it daunting to prepare all the materials? This pack does it for you, providing everything you need to try out mastery learning for one year 7 topic from the AQA KS3 Science Syllabus. Each topic contains:

Diagnostic quizzes  Effective formative assessment starts by knowing exactly what students know. The quizzes reveal whether students have grasped the concept (so you can move on) or whether the struggled with a part of it (so need a re-think). The multiple choice quizzes are also designed to flag up specific misconceptions.

Re-learn activities  Students who didn't reach the cut-off score with Know questions do an activity to review the basics. Those who didn't get Apply practise using the idea in new situations.

Extend activity  Students who reached the cut-off score get a reward - to motivate everyone. It’s an engaging, challenging activity based on the Extend learning objectives.

Re-assess quiz  Mastery is about making students feel successful, so there's a '2nd chance' mastery quiz, with similar questions, so they can demonstrate they have made progress.

    The 5 starter topics are: Particle model, Cells, Contact forces, Separating mixtures and Movement. 

    Download sample material

    ✔ Diagnostic Mastery Quiz

    ✔ Reassess Quiz

    Feedback on every correct and wrong answer

    ✔ Know and Apply Re-learn activities

    ✔ Extend activities

    ✔ Download in Pdf and Word format

    The complete Year 7 (11-12 years) pack is now available. You can upgrade from the Starter Pack just by paying the difference in price. Please contact us.

    We developed Mastery Science based on the research in mastery learning which indicates the need for accurate diagnostic information,  high quality re-learning, and mastery re-assessment. See these links for more information:

    We accept payment by credit card and PayPal. If you're a school, you can also choose to pay by bank transfer or cheque when you checkout. You will then receive an email with a link to a pro-forma invoice to pay. 

    Once payment is received, we will send you details for how to download the digital resources and a teachers guide. We also offer online support in implementing the mastery learning system. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment after delivery. This allows us to minimise administration and pass the savings on to our customers. You will be given details for each payment method during checkout. 

    The Government’s Educational Endowment Fund (EEF) concluded that Mastery is one of the few strategies where there is evidence that it can close the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and others. Mastery on average can produce an extra 5 months of learning gains every year. Mastery revolves around giving students accurate learning feedback  - the top strategy on the list.