GCSE Mastery Practice Book

GCSE Mastery Practice Book


Published in September 

Many students miss out on the 60% of marks in new GCSE that are for applying and analysing. They find it difficult to figure out questions different to any that students have seen before. Textbooks and revision guides don't help - they're only good for the 40% of marks for knowledge recall.

The GCSE Mastery Practice Book teaches all students to apply knowledge. Firmly grounded in cognitive science, it uses a  3-step approach to problem solving, explained through worked examples. with carefully guided practice to make students confident with whatever examiners ask.

This book follows on from our successful Year 7 book, and covers 60 key concepts from year 9-11 (age 14-16). 

✔ 100 worked examples and problem types
✔ 100's of carefully crafted questions
✔ Hints and answers
✔ Ideal for both school and home use
✔ Based on proven research

The book will be published in September 2018.