Mastery meets Rosenshine: Webinars on strategies to maximise learning

Mastery meets Rosenshine: Webinars on strategies to maximise learning


Teachers are telling us their frustrations at not being able to do so many things in the current situation. If learning isn't to suffer, we have to make the available strategies - like direct instruction - even more effective. Teachers said they want guidance on 4 of 'Rosenshine's 10 principles'. So we've optimised these for science and put together 4 webinars with powerful, practical strategies:

    Mastery meets Rosenshine Webinars: Strategies to maximise learning
    Starts Wednesday 4th Nov, 6pm. Repeaed Thursday 5th 7pm.

    Details of each session below. Click the link to register for all 4 sessions. Choose either Wednesday or Thursday or both. Webinars last approximately 45 minutes.





    Session 2: Model and explain
    Wed 11th Nov, 6pm. Thurs 19th Nov, 7pm

    Guidance on how to:
    • ensure deep processing and avoid cognitive overload
    • simplify scientific ideas using analogies
    • simplify scientific skills using thinking guides

    Session 3 Check for Understanding
    Wed 18th Nov, 6pm. Thurs 19th Nov, 7pm

    Guidance on how to:
    • use reading and questions
    • decide if it's safe to move on or re-teach
    • provide actionable feedback
    • use text-based 'corrective' activities

    Session 4 Build Strong Schema
    Wed 25th Nov, 6pm. Thurs 26th Nov, 7pm

    Guidance on how to:
    • use active reading to build knowledge
    • teach text structure to help students interpret
    • ramp up practice from recall to application
    • create a spaced testing system (from Blueprint)

    Catchup session 1: Review and rethink

    This is a repeat as one of the original sessions was postponed. 

    Thurs 3rd Dec, 7pm

    Guidance on how to:
    • identify existing ideas for checking
    • elicit wrong ideas and knowledge gaps
    • 'rethink': challenge misconceptions and fill gaps
    • extend students while others 'rethink'

    NB. On the registration form, select the option in 'Webinar schedule' that says 'Register to all dates below'.


    The webinar are led by Tony Sherborne and Gemma Young from Mastery Science, who designed the KS3 Science Syllabus and the 5-year plan, with support from AQA.

    "Thought-provoking, "very helpful", "lots of ideas to take away".  Join 1000+ teachers who have attended the monthly webinars for latest in our series: Build an outstanding curriculum.  

    Watch our previous webinar series

    Watch webinar 1: Getting started with Blueprint

    How to organise content into a 5-year progression

    How to focus topics on Key Concepts and enquiry skills

    How to sequence a topic as learning stages

    Slides for Webinar 1: Getting started with Blueprint


    Watch webinar 2: Teach science ideas

    How to use Activate to pre-assess students' understanding

    How to fill gaps and address misconceptions

    How to create an Acquire lesson that builds understanding

    Slides for Webinar 2: Teach science ideas


    Watch webinar 3: Teach enquiry

    How to integrate enquiry systematically across 5 years

    How to blend enquiry and concept in an Acquire lessons

    How to ensure sufficient practice to achieve fluency

    Slides for Webinar 3: Teach enquiry



    Watch webinar 4: Assess for mastery

    How to use Assess to check if students are ready to progress

    How to repair understanding after diagnostic assessment

    How to track progress on knowledge, skills and abilities

    Slides for Webinar 4: Assess for mastery 


    Watch webinar 5: Teach strategies for AO2/3

    How to use worked examples and scaffolded problem solving

    How to teach so students are always applying knowledge

    How to build understanding that generalises across different contexts

    Slides for Webinar 5: Teach strategies for AO2/3

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