6th law of mastery


Now we've worked through the teaching of a concept, let's focus on assessment. In mastery learning, the most important assessment takes place before the end of the topic, because the information it gives allows you to improve students' learning, rather than just measure it.


While curriculum time is normally fixed, mastery learning recognises that learning time is highly variable. If we're going to help more students reach mastery, we need to build in a mechanism that allows some students to have further learning opportunities. At the same time, those who did get it first time can do more challenging activities, developing their higher order thinking.

Try these questions:
1. Do the diagnostic quiz (p14-15 of the Workbook). How does the quiz reveal students' misunderstandings?
2. Choose one question and its corresponding misunderstanding. What further learning opportunity could you provide to help students' put right their misunderstanding?
3. In the mastery learning model, some students do 're-thinking' after the quiz while others moving on to the more challenging Analyse stage. This poses challenges for classroom management. What approaches could you use to make this work?

For the Blueprint 5-year plan, we have developed a way to implement the mastery learning system. The 5 steps of the learning pathway are integrated into an 'adaptive teaching sequence'. 

Ready to move on? Time to implement what you've learned from the Laws of Mastery.