What does pre-order mean? It's an order before the books are published at the end of November. You are reserving the books and you have no obligation to purchase them. Pre-ordering gives you the lowest price and guarantees you'll get the books on publication. You will be asked to confirm and pay for your order before publication.

Can I return the books if I don't like them? Yes, there is a 30-day guarantee on our books. We will refund the cost and you only pay the return postage. The books need to be received in their original condition.

Who is the book aimed at? It was written to help year 7 students learn to transfer the scientific knowledge to unfamiliar situation. It can also be used by students in other years to improve their understanding of the fundamental concepts. Learning to apply is what will give students access to the 60% of marks at GCSE that demand more than recalling content. The book uses a research-based approach to teach students how to solve different types of problems. 

What content does the book cover? The Practice Book has a chapter on each unit in the year 7 curriculum, based on a 5-year curriculum and AQA's KS3 Science Syllabus. Download the sample material to see exactly what concepts and types of problems are included.

Is it re-usable or write-on? Both! It's designed  to be re-usable for classrooms. There are also write-on sections for students to use the book individually at home.

What is the cost for international orders?
We will quote you a competitive shipping rate after you order.