How many times have you heard students saying science is 'not for them'? We know that engaging with science is essential for everyone, so we created the CONNECT project with the aim of raising science capital and showing young people, and their families, why science is relevant to them.

Enhances your curriculum

Each activity - called a science action - provides an opportunity for students to apply science concepts, carry out enquiry skills and practice their 21st century skills (working in a team, researching information, analysing data and communicating). Plus you get to assess these using what they produce.


We have short science actions (1-2 lessons) or a longer project (4-6 lessons). They can be used in class or a science club.

Free and easy

All the resources you need are supplied, so planning time is kept to a minimum:

  • Teaching presentations
  • Student sheets
  • At home activity
  • Teacher and scientist guides

Connect with student's lives

Students will find out about a real-life problem and take action to solve it in an authentic way - by creating a campaign, designing an invention, writing a crowd-funding page, acting as consultants to a business, or advising a friend.

Energy savers - Can you help a designer get funding for an energy-saving device?

Microplastics - Can you invent a way to stop microplastics polluting our oceans?

Poo transplants - Can you advise a friend on whether to get a poo transplant?

Rewilding - Can you persuade people to rewild an animal back into Britain?

Carbon neutral - Can you help a cafe become carbon neutral?

Connect with a scientist

CONNECT provides your class with an opportunity to talk to scientists (in person or virtually) who will explain how their work helps to solve the real-life problem the students are investigating.

Don’t know any friendly scientists? No problem! We can find a suitable scientist for you and put you in touch.

Fill in this form and we will help.

Connect with family

Every science action contains an activity designed to be done at home. This is light on the knowledge needed but heavy on the interaction and interest to encourage everyone to get involved and talking about science. This could especially benefit those students whose families have little experience in science.

The outcome from the home activity will help decide the path the students take next in solving the problem.

See what teachers are saying

This topic was a huge success. The students incorporated 21 century skills to produce persuasive presentations. This was peer reviewed and included answering questions from the floor. Their science was super and the understanding of food webs was second to none even for our very weakest students.

A complete activity that all students could easily relate to. Plenty of discussion points that stretched and enriched the students.

Join us in Barcelona!

We are looking for teachers who take on a CONNECT science action to its fullest extent to enthuse students to produce amazing outputs.

We will be inviting one teacher to represent the UK and share what they did at our CONNECT Conference in Barcelona in July 2023. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered.

This is an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded teachers from across Europe. If you are interested please email and we will get in touch with guidance so you can run an amazing science action.

Download the science actions

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Carbon footprint: Thinking Classroom version
Short description At COP28 in Dubai, discussions once again turned to how to protect the planet from the worst effects...
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Energy savers
Description Elon Musk's company Tesla invent electric cars to reduce our fossil fuel emissions from transport. Other companies invent devices...
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Description Rewilding aims to reintroduce lost animal species back to ecosystems. It’s happening around the world – bison in Romania,...
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Description Microplastics are now everywhere - they're even been found in Antarctic snow. Scientists are investigating possible risks to human...
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Poo transplants: Thinking Classroom version
Short description A poo transplant takes faeces from one person and puts it into another. Why? Scientists have learned that this...
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