How to teach so students can apply

AO2 questions are VERY revealing about what students have to learn - and what we have to teach. Here is an AO2 question from the 2019 GCSE paper.

‘A rare mountain orchid from China has bright purple flowers. Its ancestor millions of years ago had pale yellow flowers. Describe how the orchid may have evolved.”


Which knowledge is critical for students to answer the question?

A) Conceptual

B) Working scientifically and conceptual

C) Factual and conceptual

The answer is B. Surprised? Students need to good students coordinate conceptual knowledge AND skills – Working Scientifically skills in AO2. In fact they also need to understand a general understanding of how science works, using models, cause and effect, systems etc.

Most existing approaches aren’t up to this job. It takes a highly structured lesson approach to address all 3 dimensions AND be consistent with cognitive science AND motivate teenagers to think! We think there is a solution and it's called the 7Es. It's at the core of our Mastery Curriculum.

Replay the webinar and discover how the 7Es helps students acquire the knowledge they need so they can succeed at AO2 GCSE questions.