11 ways to start a 5-year plan

11 ways to start a 5-year plan

What's the most important tool for home improvement? A phone :) When the job is difficult, I'd rather get professional help than risk DIY. Is changing a curriculum the same? Schools often expect teachers to take on the job themselves - without appreciating the complexity involved. Sure you can do it, but if the job is done quickly, will the results be good enough? According to Dylan Wiliam, the quality of the curriculum that students experience is as important as formative assessment.

So if you fancy getting in some help and saving yourself months of summer work, look no further. Blueprint, our free big ideas curriculum, is designed specifically for the rigours of new GCSE, and with strong foundation of cognitive science. And we can supply you with a range of products to help rebuild year 7, ready for September (as a builder might promise):

  • Professional development (CPD). A 1-day workshop, an online course, and pilot materials to use in schools. See details about CPD
  • Teaching Packs. High quality learning activities fully aligned with the difficult to teach stages in our learning model, 'Acquire' and 'Analyse'. See details about Teaching Packs.
  • Assessment Packs. Diagnostic assessments that test understanding and show misconceptions, and summative tests to show students progress in key concepts and cognitive abilities for GCSE. See details about Assessment Packs.

Click on a card below to see more details about each product.

Figure 1: Products for Blueprint
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