To help teachers implement the 5-year, big ideas plan we created, and align teaching and assessment, we have put together a combination of practical workshops, pilot materials and other resources.
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Easy Mastery @School workshop
Short Description Struggling to implement a 5-year plan or a mastery curriculum? Arrange a school-based CPD workshop so your department...
Build an outstanding curriculum workshop
£199.00 £169.00
Short Description Is your curriculum preparing students to apply knowledge in GCSE exams? Do students forget most of what they learned...
Beyond Rosenshine Webinars: Verbal, Visual & Active Processing
Short description This week: 8 ways to meaningful learning Thursday 25th, 7pm. 'Excellent' and 'Practical' are how teachers described these webinars....
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Webinars: Lesson tweaks for deep transferable learning
Short description If your school has an amibitious vision ie not just getting the maximum GCSE pass rate, you'll need...
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