To help teachers implement the 5-year, big ideas plan we created, and align teaching and assessment, we have put together a combination of practical workshops, pilot materials and other resources.
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Easy Mastery @School workshop
£349.00 £249.00
Short Description Struggling to implement a 5-year plan or a mastery curriculum? Arrange a school-based CPD workshop so your department...
Cracking Science: Build a world-class curriculum
Short description Revised publication date: end February - first instalment available now. In the UK, schools will soon be inspected on the...
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Build an outstanding curriculum workshop
£199.00 £169.00
Short Description Is your curriculum preparing students to apply knowledge in GCSE exams? Do students forget most of what they learned...
Mastery in Practice: Teaching by Problem Solving Webinar
Short description To do well at new GCSE, students have to become good at solving unfamiliar problems. But typical science...
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