To help teachers implement the 5-year, big ideas plan we created, and align teaching and assessment, we have put together a combination of practical workshops, pilot materials and other resources.
Kickstart your 5-year plan: Workshop
Short Description Special offer for 2+ teachers. Follow our 3 steps to GCSE-proof your curriculum with Blueprint, a 5-year big ideas...
Build a 5-year plan ebook
Short description Published in early June 2018.  With new GCSE, teaching the content in the specification only prepares students for 40%...
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Kickstart your 5-year plan: Online course
Short Description Starting June 11th, an online version of our Kickstart workshop. Follow our 3 steps to GCSE-proof your curriculum...
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5-year plan: Departmental CPD
Short Description A customised version of our 5-year plan CPD for your whole department. We will tailor a workshop to match...
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Kickstart tools
Short description Many curricula do not help to maximise students' achievement at GCSE. They are focussed on 'content coverage' and...
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