Blueprint Year 7 unit planners

Blueprint Year 7 unit planners

This is the version of the Blueprint 5-year curriculum framework, published May 2020. Get free KS3 and GCSE curriculum links plus other Blueprint extras by joining our Facebook group: Mastery Science Teaching.

“Planned with rigour, based on best practice research, ambition for all, with well-considered lesson plans”. Comments from Ofsted inspectors about Blueprint.

Blueprint is supported by AQA and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The current version was published in May 2019. We will publish a final beta version in July 2019. Blueprint is free to download. Want to publish it on your website? See FAQ.

Blueprint is a free 5-year, big ideas plan which aligned with the new demands of GCSE science.

  • better preparation for GCSE assessment objectives AO2 and AO3
  • joins KS3 and GCSE with a proper progression that removes repetition
  • helps you teach and practice thinking processes, enquiry and maths
  • more engaging, with contexts and applications of science

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How was the 5-year plan developed? The 5-year plan grew out of the KS3 Science Syllabus that Mastery Science developed with AQA. The 5-year plan is more ambitious and provides a framework that will completely prepare students for the greater demands of new GCSE. 

How do you put the 5-year plan into practice? The 5-year plan is not just an alternate set of learning objectives. It embeds a lot of curriculum research and requires shifts in mindset and classroom practice. Mastery Science is supporting these with CPD, books and the Complete Mastery materials.

Customer Reviews

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Syretta West

Using these to look into the propect of purchasing the full Year 7 and 8 curriculum. Really likely propect.

Heather Turner

We used these to help us on our recent Deep Dive review and they helped a lot. One thing that has come back is knowing what they need to know for each concept. We used your Mastery planners but they said that wasn’t detailed enough, I think they were asking for a list like a specification (or even more detailed than that). I wasn’t in the meeting (as I was on a course) so I couldn’t point out the key facts on the planners, nor our list of ‘can do’ statements that I have prepared, but I though you might want to consider this feedback. To be honest, I suspect that I could have argued it and they’d have been satisfied. Other than that one small point, the feedback for the Mastery Curriculum was VERY positive. I’ve included a snip from the document, some points aren’t relevant to your work, but many are:

Matthew Docking
Unit planners for year 7

Clear and very helpful for thinking about progression