GM decision

GM decision


Following a EU rule change, the growing of GM crops across Europe will increase in many countries. It looks likely that GM foods such as breakfast cereals may be on our supermarket shelves within a year - but will many people choose them over GM-free alternatives?

In this activity students apply their knowledge about genes to learn why crops are genetically modified before evaluating health risks to decide which cereal they would buy.


Learning objective

  • Inheritance: Suggest arguments for and against genetic modification
  • Estimate risk: Weigh up the benefits and risks of an application of science to make a decision

    Blueprint curriculum link

    • Unit: Controlling reproduction
    • Concept: Genetic engineering: Genes are taken from one species and introduced into the genome of another by a process called genetic engineering
    • Skills: Decisions: Consider the consequences of technology for people and the environment
    • Learning stage: Analyse

    Activity contents

    • Teachers guide
    • PowerPoint file

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    EU changes rules on GM crop cultivation

    The news story the activity is based on

    Overview of crop genetic engineering

    An interactive animation which outlines the process used to genetically modify a crop. Suitable for GCSE students and extending the more able at KS3.