As people live longer the demand for new organs to replace failed ones increases. One possible solution is to build new organs in a dish from cells taken from the patient’s own body. Students use evidence from case studies to work out if this is possible and then to decide whether this new technology offers a good alternative to transplants.

Learning objective

  • Apply knowledge about cells, tissues and organs in a new context.
  • Access, evaluate and synthesise relevant information to decide if a new technology will be possible in the next ten years.

    Blueprint curriculum link

    • Unit: Tissues & organs
    • Concept: Cell organisation: Multicellular organisms are composed of cells which are organised into tissues, organs and systems to carry out life processes
    • Skills: Explanations: Argue for a claim with data and reasons
    • Learning stage: Analyse

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    Ears from stem cells
    Doctors are growing human ears from fat to reconstruct people’s faces