Vitamin D

Vitamin D


This activity is designed to engage a wider range of students. Using the principles of 'science capital', it makes the issue of Vitamin D deficiency highly accessible and relevant to students' everyday experience. Rickets and other bone diseases in young people have risen 400%,  Some scientists are recommending teenagers take vitamin D supplements, particularly in autumn and winter. The activity teaches students how to analyse patterns in data, so they can calculate their vitamin D intake from food and the sun and come to an informed decision.


Learning objectives

  • Digestion: describe health effects of vitamin D deficiency. 
  • Analyse patterns: interpret a line graph to suggest relationships between variables, and read values from the graph. (KS3 Science Syllabus)

Blueprint curriculum link

  • Unit: Tissues & organs 
  • Concept: Digestive system: Organs of the digestive system are adapted to break large food molecules into small nutrients which can travel in the blood
  • Skills: Conclusions: Deduce relationships in data, using patterns,  interpolation and extrapolation
  • Learning stage: Analyse

 Activity contents

  • Teachers guide
  • PowerPoint file

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