Feeding relationships (coming soon)

Feeding relationships (coming soon)

 In an ecosystem, organisms grow and reproduce by obtaining necessary resources through interdependent relationships with other organisms and the physical environment. These interactions can enhance or limit the size of populations.

Students may know what a food chain is from earlier science lessons. This sequence helps them understand feeding relationships. They will use this concept to solve problem like:

  • How can fish oil harm whales?
  • Why is going vegan good for the planet? 


Learning stages  

The sequence follows the 5 stages in our learning pathway. All the labelled activities are fully aligned with Blueprint.

  • A pre-assessment to provide information on whether students have the prior understanding for the new concept, or need pre-teaching
  • The activity pre-assesses: Habitat, Animal groups


  • The understanding for this concept is: Food webs link together several food chains and show how energy is transferred between organisms


  • Use a model to predict how changing one population affects another
  • Use a model to explain how energy is transferred


  • A diagnostic assessment quiz to check whether students have achieved mastery
  • Questions probe students' understanding of each element of the key concept and use misconceptions for distractors
  • A re-assess quiz to give students a second chance to show mastery


  • Make a logical argument to support a claim about energy in food chains

Vintage activities

These free activities are republished from previous projects and not fully aligned with Blueprint learning stages.

  • Grid List