Year 7 Test Summative Quizzes

Year 7 Test Summative Quizzes

Start tracking and reporting students' progress on what matters most for GCSE: the Assessment Objectives (AO). The Tests contain enough high-quality questions to assess students' understanding of all 25 key concepts in Year 7,  for AO1 (recall), AO2 (apply) and AO3 (analyse). 

Why get the Tests?

  • Precise questions to target understanding of science ideas, enquiry and maths skills
  • Each test assesses AOs in same proportions as GCSE
  • Similar format to GCSE exams – students can practice exam technique from the start of year 7
  • Provides powerful assessment data that tracks progress

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To give an accurate indication of students' progress, the questions are based on the same assessment objectives as GCSE and are in the same proportion (AO1:40%, AO2:40%, AO3: 20%)

Each test is:

  • Write-on test paper
  • Questions ramped in terms of demand
  • Mix of question styles that match GCSE: scaffolded to long answer format
  • Questions utilise GCSE science command words
  • Answer sheet with AO and knowledge assessed for each question
  • Delivered in pdf format

    The AO proportions for GCSE science are: AO1 40%, AO2 40%, AO3 20%

    Each Mastery Science test contains 15 marks broken down into:

    • Acquire (AO1) 40% (6 marks)
    • Split into: 25% understanding (4 marks), 15% ‘knowledge in isolation’ (2 marks)
    • Apply (AO2) 40% (6 marks)
    • Analyse (AO3) 20% (3 marks)

    In addition:

    • Scientific enquiry 40% (6 marks)
    • Maths 10-30% (1-5 marks)

    Mastery Science tests provide a detailed breakdown of understanding.

    Data shows precisely how each student is performing at each AO, science idea and skill.



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