Test Summative Quizzes

Test Summative Quizzes


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This pack contains 9 tests covering the units in Blueprint year 7. The tests assess students understanding of the Key Concepts, with original questions to accurately assess students' capabilities in acquiring knowledge (AO1), applying knowledge (AO2) and analysing knowledge.

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To give an accurate indication of students' progress, the questions are based on the same assessment objectives as GCSE and are in the same proportion (AO1:40%, AO2:40%, AO3: 20%)

The units tests can combined to make 3 end of term tests, of approximately 45 minutes.

Each unit test is a 15 mark quiz consisting of:

  • 6 AO1 questions (1 mark each) understanding rather than simple factual recall
  • 3 AO2 questions (2 marks each)
  • 1 AO3 question (3 marks)
  • A mixture of short and longer answers

The summative quizzes area delivered as pdf documents.