Ban the beds

Ban the beds


In preparation for a summer holiday many people turn to sunbeds to top up their tan but could this habit be endangering their life? In this activity students are working as researchers on a TV show planning a report about the claim that sunbeds cause skin cancer. Students will use knowledge about UV light to explain the link between sunbeds and skin cancer, and understand how scientific evidence can support a claim.


Learning objectives

  • Analysis and evaluation: interpret observations and data
  • Waves: uses of electromagnetic waves

    Blueprint curriculum link

    • Unit: EM radiation
    • Concept: Wave energy: The uses and dangers of e.m. waves depends on their frequency, as higher frequency waves carry more energy
    • Skills: Explanations: Critique the arguments and evidence for a claim
    • Learning stage: Analyse

     Activity contents

    • Teachers guide
    • PowerPoint file

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    Tanning addict warns of dangers  Online newspaper article about a young woman who was diagnosed with skin cancer aged 19. This is the story the activity starter is based on. Show the students the short interview.

    SunSmart Website from Cancer Research UK about sunbeds.