Blueprint Year 8 unit planners

Blueprint Year 8 unit planners

Update: Blueprint is currently being updated before publication. There are minor changes to the order of units. Please download the latest curriculum map.

Blueprint is a free 5-year, big ideas plan which aligned with the new demands of GCSE science.

Download Introduction to Blueprint

Download new-design unit planner - October 2019

  • It's better preparation for GCSE assessment objectives AO2 and AO3
  • It joins KS3 and GCSE with a proper progression that removes repetition
  • It helps you teach and practice thinking processes, enquiry and maths
  • It's more engaging, with contexts and applications of science

Blueprint takes the form of:

Curriculum maps:

  • Structure of the 5-year plan (year 7-11)
  • Organisation of 45 units in big idea strands 
  • Key concept sequence for physics, chemistry and biology

Year 8 unit planners with learning goals:

  • 10 unit planners with teaching sequences for Key Concepts
  • Objectives aligned with GCSE: Aquire (AO1), Apply (AO2) and Analyse (AO3) 
  • Integration of scientific, maths and literacy skills and practical techniques

See how Blueprint works: watch or download the presentation, show it in a departmental meeting, or forward it to colleagues. 


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