Mastery Science Online Year 7 and 8

Mastery Science Online Year 7 and 8

A solution for online science at home. Fully interactive online modules to help students master key concepts and skills in year 7, 8 and 9. Based on the popular Mastery Practice Books and the 'Complete Mastery' programme. 

Offer: Each topic (1 Key Concept) costs only £9.99. 

Mastery Science Online offers:

  • An ideal solution for home learning
  • A systematic approach to acquire, apply and analyse knowledge (AO1,2 and 3)
  • 1 hour self-study per module
  • Engaging, interactive student experience
  • Crystal-clear visual explanations with narration
  • Short quizzes after each knowledge item
  • Diagnostic quizzes, and optional teacher-marked assignments
  • Easy sign-up for students using the school code provided
  • Weekly reports to the school on student progress
  • Completion certificates for students

"Even lower ability pupils are picking up complicated concepts far better. Some year 7 students can answer GCSE questions better than our current year 11" . John Farrant, Greig City Academy

What each module contains

  • Apply task (AO2) - narrated worked example plus ‘Your turn’ questions for students to complete.
  • Worked example broken up into mini-lessons - narrated, visual slides that go through ideas and examples step by step and include frequent questioning for self-assessment of understanding. 
  • ‘Your turn’ questions for students to complete.
  • Assess - a series of diagnostic questions to test AO1 and AO2 understanding.
  • Weekly reporting on students' completion of module, and % on quizzes.


List of modules (more to follow)

Year 7

Contact Forces: Balanced forces

Substances & particles: Particle model

Cells: Cell structure 


Year 8

Light: Reflection

Pure substances: Elements & compounds

Tissues & organs: Cell organisation


Year 9

Heating: Thermal transfer

Periodic table: Periodic patterns

Growth & differentiation: Cell transport


See Blueprint curriculum map for details

£39.99 £9.99

How does Mastery Science Online work?

We are building the modules on a modern platform for delivering online courses, to provide an easy to use, engaging experience. The lead teacher for a school will receive a code to send to each student so they can enrol. Optionally you can have a different code for each class. The module begins with an introduction and then follows the same structure as Complete Mastery. 

The modules are divided up into a number of mini-lessons. Each one focusses on a different knowledge item (based on the Blueprint 5-year curriculum). After each mini-lesson, there are one or more quiz questions to check understanding. These are multiple-choice and auto-marked.

Some lessons involve suggested tasks away from the computer, and short written assignments for students to download and complete. They can self-mark using a model answer or send to their teacher for marking. 

Each module is designed to last up to 1 hour. Once students have worked through all the lessons, they get a certificate of completion. The lead teacher will receive a weekly report of students completion and % score in the diagnostic quiz. Optionally the report can be broken down by class. 

What are the assessments?

There is a diagnostic quiz near the end of each module. The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions, which are auto-marked. Students then get feedback on their answers and compare these to the correct answer to identify gaps and misconceptions. There are suggestions for how to 'rethink' their learning. 

How easy is it to set up?  

Mastery Science Online is a solution that provides minimal work for schools. It runs on an existing platform and each module provides an end-to-end experience for students. You will be able to view a sample course soon.

How does it integrate with an existing platform e.g. Google Classroom?

Mastery Science Online will provide all the teaching, activities and assessment as an integrated package. However, you can create a parallel course on your existing platform and get students to upload assignments there for teacher marking.  For specific details, please contact us

When will I get the materials?  

The modules will be published once per week, on a Friday -see the publishing schedule.  

How do I monitor students' progress?  

There is currently no provision teacher accounts on the platform we are using (though there will be in the future). For now, we will send a weekly report to the lead teacher in each school. This will show for each student whether they have completed the module, and what % score they got on the diagnostic quiz. On completion, students get a certificate which they can forward to a teacher. 

If you want to see students' completed work, each assignment has the option to email it to the teacher rather than download the model answer and self-mark. 

What technology and resources do students need?

The platform we use works with any modern web browser. Students need to be able to open pdf documents to do the assignments. To do written questions they ned to open and edit the Word documents or print them. 

What about online safety?

Students will need to ask their parents or guardians for permission to use the online course platform. The commercial platform also makes clear that for any student below 16 their parent or guardian needs to be actively involved. Parents may use their own email address to create an account. The only data stored is the email and name. The Mastery Science administrator will be the only person with access to these details. We will not use them for any other purpose.  We will publish a full privacy policy shortly. 

What about students with special educational needs?

For specific details, please contact us

What is included or not included in Mastery Science Online? For each module there is a problem-solving activity from the Practice Book (Apply) which revises understanding and teaches problem-solving strategies, diagnostic quiz (Assess) feedback, a Rethink activity and a follow-up quiz (Assess).

How is it a mastery course? First, the learning objectives go beyond knowledge recall. They are designed for students to succeed at all the 3 assessment objectives Acquire (AO1), Apply (AO2) and Analyse (AO3). Second, each teaching sequence offers strong support for building students' knowledge, understanding and skills. Third, there are two formative assessment stages built-in - Activate and Assess. These provide feedback to the student about gaps and misconceptions, and suggestions for how to 'rethink' their understanding.

Is Complete Mastery like OUP's Activate course (Kerboodle)? Not really. The biggest difference is that our course is designed from scratch to meet the demands of the Blueprint, 5-year big ideas curriculum and the new GCSE. It is not a collection of resources, but a systematic approach based on learning stages, and a mastery model.

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