Pancake: In the Pan

Pancake: In the Pan

The head chef, who has a striking resemblance to Gordon Ramsey, wants to put ‘perfect pancakes’ onto his menu for a famous guest. Students are put in charge of investigating how to make them. They experiment with the ingredients and set about testing ideas to make a ‘perfect pancake’ that will please the head chef.

Learning objective

  • During a chemical reaction a new substance is made, and it is difficult to reverse the reaction
  • During a physical change no new substance is made, and it is easy to reverse the change.

Blueprint curriculum link

  • Unit: Changing substances
  • Concept: Chemical & physical: A chemical change makes a new substance. It is identified by changes in appearance, energy, mass, or chemical tests
  • Learning stage: Acquire

Activity contents

  • Teachers guide
  • Powerpoint presentation

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