2021 Quiz: for subscribers

2021 Quiz: for subscribers


Give your students the perfect end-of term science quiz - fun, relevant and full of learning. The 2021 Quiz practises retrieval and applying knowledge with 10 multi-choice questions on the most interesting news-stories of the year, all linked to science concepts from year 7 and 8 (from the 5-year plan Blueprint). Plus it reinforces effective problem-solving with guided explanations and solutions.

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Learning objective

  • Review science concepts from Blueprint year 7 & 8

    Blueprint curriculum links

    • Feeding relationships, digestive system, energy transfers, electric force, competition, chemical & physical, balanced & unbalanced, particle model, Earth processes, reflection.

     Activity contents

    • PowerPoint file

    Running notes

    • Some questions have embedded links to YouTube videos, which you can watch by clicking on the image (you need to enable content to view these).
    • The slides are animated - click to see the answer highlighted and to go through how to solve the question.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Absolutely fantastic resource.

    Andrew Duxbury
    Looked good

    sadly did not get a chance to use in class so can not offer a real review. Will look to use some of the parts over the coming months

    Excellent. Thank you!

    Brilliant way to end the science year and keep up interest. Thank you!