Death to diesel

Death to diesel


Major car manufacturers have fitted software to diesel cars to cheat exhaust emissions tests. In this activity students use their knowledge of chemical reactions to predict the products of combustion in a diesel engine. They then develop their communication skills by drafting a video (using supplied character cut-outs on lolly sticks) to persuade car buyers not to buy diesel cars.


Learning objectives

  • Types of Reaction:  Predict the products of the combustion of a given reactant and show the reaction as a word equation
  • Communicate ideas:  Know how to make it clear, concrete, correct and coherent

    Blueprint curriculum link

    • Unit: Matter & energy
    • Concept: Combustion: Fuels burn when heated in a type of reaction called combustion. It is highly exothermic and produces carbon dioxide and water
    • Skills: Speak: Speak effectively
    • Learning stage: Acquire

     Activity contents

    • Teachers guide
    • PowerPoint file

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    Update Nov 2015: More cars with cheat tests

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