Text neck

Text neck


New research suggests that smart phone use is seriously damaging our necks. Looking down at an angle places great strain on the spine, and can result in serious harm. In this activity students learn about the forces acting on the spine. They then devise a plan to investigate the causes of text neck, before solving a dilemma: will they use their phone less to prevent neck damage?


Learning objective

  • Forces: identify forces on objects
  • Hypothesise: define a problem and devise a plan to investigate it

    Blueprint curriculum link

    • Unit: Moving & turning
    • Concept: Moments: The turning effect of a force varies with force and distance. Objects are in equilibrium if the moments are equal and opposite
    • Skills: Variables: Choose variables to answer a scientific question
    • Learning stage: Analyse

    Activity contents

    • Teachers guide
    • PowerPoint file

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    Text neck - how smartphones are damaging our spines

    A newspaper article describing the research

    Have YOU got text neck?

    A second newspaper article describing the research

    Scientific research

    The scientific paper in Surgical Technology International

    Forces in muscles and joints

    Forces acting on the neck (see figure 8)