5-year plan: Blueprint

5-year plan: Blueprint

"The Blueprint 5-year plan showed the Ofsted inspector that we have a clear vision for our science curriculum - centred around the big ideas and spiralled so that each year builds on previous learning. She was really impressed." John Farrant, Greig City Academy.

In response to the increasing demand of GCSE, we’ve developed a 5-year big ideas plan called Blueprint.  Instead of GCSE being largely a knowledge recall test, 60% of the marks are now for transferable understanding (called AO2) and higher level thinking (AO3).

So just delivering the content in the specification is not enough. Schools need to build conceptual understanding and scientific thinking skills progressively over 5 years.

Blueprint is designed from first principles to do this. First we unpacked the content in GCSE and built a progression of key concepts that lead towards the ‘big ideas’ that experts have, and integrated the skills. With this understanding students will become better at applying knowledge  (AO2) and analysing it (AO3). Grasping the concepts also makes it easier learn the details and facts that need to be memorised for exams. 

Download 5-year curriculum maps - new 2019 version

New design unit planner - October 2019

Download introduction to Blueprint

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